Fachbereich Biologie

TM1-4: Lecture and Reading Courses

  • Coordinator:Prof. Dr. Tanja Maritzen/Prof. Dr. Stefan Kins/Dr. Simone Eggert
  • Course Content: Students will read reviews and original research papers dealing with mechanisms
    underlying membrane transport and neurodegenerative diseases.
    • Week 1: Membrane transport in health and disease (Prof. Maritzen)
    • Week 2: Neurodegeneration (Prof. Kins, Dr. Eggert)
  • Start: 19.04.2021
  • Additional Information: Registration is required via KIS
  • Remarks: This semester the Reading Course will be done online, most likely via ZOOM. Reading materials will be provided via OpenOLAT. Registration code will be sent by email after registration via KIS.
  • Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Eckhard Friauf
  • Course Content: Students will read selected textbook chapters at an advanced level and reviews as well as original research papers focussing on mechanisms of neural plasticity.
  • Start: 
  • Additional Information: All information are provided via KIS
  • Remarks:
  • Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Ekkehard Neuhaus/Dr. Benjamin Pommerrenig
  • Course Content: Creation and verification of transgenic plants. Plant primary metabolism and its relation to quality traits, like e.g. photosynthesis and levels of starch and sugars. Plant lipids, metabolism and high value oils from plants. Protein synthesis in plants; mechanisms and modes of optimization. Optimized fruit and seed properties. availability. Physiology of salt and optimized salt tolerance of higher plants. Higher plants as sources for biofuels and bio-materials. Secondary plant products with relevance for human diet.
  • Start: 19.04. 2021 (First and second week of the summer term)
  • Additional Information: https://www.bio.uni-kl.de/pflanzenphysiologie/teaching/lectures-seminars/
  • Remarks: Final Examination will be an oral examination. For further Information see KIS. 
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