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Biophysical Chemistry

Kuriyan, J.; Konforti, B; Wemmer, D. The Molecules of Life: Physical and Chemical Principles; Garland Science: New York, 2013

Chapter 1:   From Genes to RNA and Proteins (Q&A)
Chapter 2:   Nucleic Acid Structure (Q&A)
Chapter 3:   Glycans and Lipids (Q&A)
Chapter 4:   Protein Structure (Q&A)
Chapter 6:   Energy and Intermolecular Forces (Q&A)
Chapter 7:   Entropy (Q&A)
Chapter 8:   Linking Energy and Entropy: The Boltzmann Distribution (Q&A)
Chapter 9:   Free Energy (Q&A)
Chapter 10: Chemical Potential and the Drive to Equilibrium (Q&A)
Chapter 11: Voltages and Free Energy (Q&A)
Chapter 12: Molecular Recognition: The Thermodynamics of Binding (Q&A)
Chapter 13: Specificity of Macromolecular Recognition (Q&A)
Chapter 14: Allostery (Q&A)
Chapter 15: The Rates of Molecular Processes (Q&A)
Chapter 16: Principles of Enzyme Catalysis (Q&A)
Chapter 17: Diffusion and Transport (Q&A)
Chapter 18: Folding (Q&A)