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Practicals (AP, VP) in the Department of Biology at the Winter Term 18/19

Bachelor Biology and Biowissenschaften: Overview (Print Version)

Master of Education: Overview (Print Version)

Diploma/Master Biophysics: Overview (Print Version)


This information is valid for the study programs: Bachelor Biologie and Bachelor Biowissenschaften, Master of Education and Diplom/Master-Biophysik.

Students of all Master programs in Biology: For more information about the offered practicals and registration procedure, please contact the coordinators of the respective study program.


Application to the Advanced Practicals (via KIS-Office):

You can see an overview of all offered practicals via KIS - Application to Practicals_WS 2018/19

Please note, applications to the advanced practicals are possible online from 9 July until 6 August 2018 with KIS-Office only.

IMPORTANT: Check first, if your Email-address, which is stored in your KIS-Office account, is correct. You can check and maybe change your Email-address in the KIS-Office under: "Einstellungen" - "Benutzerdaten ändern" - "OK". Information to the practicals (e.g. examination date, preliminary meeting, acceptance of application) will be send from the corresponding division office to this Email-address.

For application of attendance:
Click on "Zum Anmeldeverfahren" and follow the instructions.

Deregistration from a practical:
After you are accepted for a practical, please unsubscribe from all other practicals you applied in parallel. Unsubscribe until 6 August 2018 over your KIS-Office account and after this date in the corresponding division office.