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Entwicklungsbiologie der Tiere

Leitung - Prof. Dr. Thomas Leitz

<b>Thomas Leitz</b>

Dr. rer. nat. , Johannes-Gutenberg-University, Mainz

Research work at Hoechst AG, Department of Biochemistry

Scientific employee at Zoological Institute II, University of Heidelberg

Scientific assistant at Zoological Institute II, University of Heidelberg

Habilitation at Zoological Institute II, University of Heidelberg, Venia Legendi for Zoology

Appointment as University lecturer at Zoological Institute II, Heidelberg (Developmental Biology)

since 2000:
Professor, Head of Group of Developmental Biology of Animals, University of Kaiserslautern


Major Research Interest:

Metamorphosis of the marine hydrozoan Hydractinia echinata as a model for:

Biological system regulation by networks, cell-cell interaction, role of signals and signal-transduction.