Fachgebiet Molecular Genetics of Eukaryotes

Sommer Semester

Master: Reading Class "Plant Acclimation"

For the Sommer term 2020, this class will be fully electronic.

We will cover the following topics:

Day 1 (27.4.2020): The challenge of global warming for plants and algae (Willmund). Since this is an original article, press articles covering the findings are here: 1 or  2

Day 2 (28.4.2020): Concepts of Homeostasis (Mühlhaus and 2)

Day 3 (29.4.2020): Carbohydrate Homeostasis (Neuhaus)

Day 4 (30.4.2020): Energy balance during acclimation (Möhlmann)

Day 5 (4.5.2020): Protein Homeostasis (Schroda)

Day 6 (5.5.2020): Transcript regulation (Willmund)

Day 7 (6.5.2020): Cell Biology and acclimation (Scheuring)

For each day, you will be able to download slides (which are supplemented by written or oral comments) from the Seafile server. Additionally we provide a review (access by clicking on the professors name, above. Use your rhrk login).

For each day we will provide a Skype or Zoom appointment in the afternoon, were we can discuss content of the lecture and the review (information will be send to each participant via email).

This year we neen to replace the seminars (normally day 8 and 9) by little assays which should be written on selected topics (we will distrubute the topics to you).

Please contact me for any questions via Email.





Winter Semester

Ringvorlesung: Modern Methods in Biology I "Cellular Biology and Proteins"

Theoretical Module 5 of Master Biology.

Winter semester 2019/20, Thursday, 3:30 - 5:00 pm, room 46-110

+++++++++UPDATE ON THE RESIT EXAM!++++++++++++

The resit exam is now scheduled for July 6th in room 46-222, 9-10:30 am. The room is large enough to allow sufficient distancing and will be open from 8:30-11 am.


Due to the current Covid-19 situation, all current exams are postponed until further notice. So, there will be no resit exam on April 2nd.


Please note: Some lectures (but not all !!!) were recorded this year. For access information, click here:


Date               Lecturer                             Topic

31.10.2019    Ilka Haferkamp                  

Protein purification and determination(Lottspeich chapters 1 & 2)

07.11.2019     Torsten Möhlmann

Enzyme Activity Testing (+ web-based tools) (Lottspeich chapter 3)

14.11.2019      Johannes Herrmann

Imm. techniques and chem. protein modification  (Lottspeich chapters 5 & 6)

21.11.2019      Sandro Keller

Spectroscopy  (Lottspeich chapter 7)                   

28.11.2019      Markus Räschle                 

X-Ray Structure Analysis  (Lottspeich chapter 21)

05.12.2019      no lecture (Fachbereichs-Retreat)

12.12.2019      Michael Schroda                

Protein-protein interactions (Lottspeich chapter 16)

19.12.2019      David Scheuring

Microscopy  (Lottspeich chapters 8 & 19)

I09.1.2020        Jan Hirtz


16.1.2020        Jan Pielage

Superresolution Microscopy

23.1.2020        Eck Friauf

Methods for studying functional aspects on membrane proteins

30.1.2020       Gerhard Erkel

Anti-Cancer Drug Screening

06.2.2020      no lecture

13.2.2020        no lecture

Written Exam: 13.2.2020, 9:00-10:30 am, room 13-322

Resit Exam:     2.4.2020, 9:00-10:30 am, room 13-322


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