Division of Human Biology


Theoriemodul 2/ Seminar Anleitung zum eigenständigen wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten - Humanbiologie und Humangenetik
(Lehrveranstaltungsnr.: BIO-HUM-03-S-4)

Sonderveranstaltung Biologie/ Special Events Biology

Title: Genetics and molecular biology of neurodevelopment and degeneration (course no.: Bio-HUM/ZOO-01-S-4)

Dozenten/Lecturer: Kins/Pielage, Mi 17:00 – 18:30, 13-360


Seminar in Neurobiology: Actual topics in Neurobiology
(course no.: BIO-ZOO-10-S-9) via Zoom.

Biological Kolloquium (Biological research seminar (external invited speakers))
(course no.: BIO-BIO-02-W-4)


Master Molecular Cell Biology & Neurobiology
Reading Course Winter Semester
TM 1-4: Lecture &Reading Course - Neural Function

(LV-Nr. BIO-HUM-01-L-7)

Coordinators: Prof. Dr. Tanja Maritzen, Prof. Dr. Stefan Kins, Dr. Simone Eggert
Course Content: Students will read text book chapters, reviews and original research papers dealing with the principles of neurobiology and the importance of vesicular transport for neurotransmission.
Week 1: Basics of neurobiology (Prof. Kins, Dr. Eggert)
Week 2: Synaptic transmission – the vesicular transport perspective (Prof. Maritzen)
Start: WS 2021/22
Additional information: see  KIS
Course registration: via  KIS
Remarks: Reading materials will be provided in part via OpenOLAT. Registration code will be sent by email.




MCB (Molecular and Cellular Biology)

Module of choice (Master Biology - all VR)

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