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Epifluorescence Microscope: Zeiss - High Speed Cell Observer with ApoTome (Axio Observer Z.1; 2009)

The High Speed Cell Observer microscope is an inverted epifluorescence microscope with ApoTome module for structured illumination to obtain optical sections. The microscope is equipped for live cell imaging with a temperature-controlled incubator and a CO2 module. It can be used for routine imaging of fixed and living cells.

Microscope details
General applications

Multi-colour imaging of fixed and live mammalian cells based on dyes such as DAPI (405 nm) and Alexa (488, 568, 594, 647 nm)

Interaction studies

Extra featuresApoTome, time lapse imaging, 3D display, colocalization, Z-stack, tiles + positions (widefield) => creation of images that are larger than the actual image section
Microscope bodyInverted

LED light source Colibri

HXP (fluorescence)

Halogen (transmitted light)

Filter cubes

GFP (green) = set38 (BP 470/40, FT 495, BP 525/50); 

PI (red): set00 (BP 530-585, FT 600, LP 615)

DetectionAxiocam 702 Novo



63x (oil), 63x (glycerol)

100x (oil)

Focus systemDefinite Focus autofocus system
IncubatorYes, temperature-control, CO2-module
SoftwareZen blue (Zeiss)
Acquisition year2009

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