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Epifluorescence Microscope: Nicon Eclipse Ti2-E (2020)

The Nicon Eclipse Ti2-E is an inverted epifluorescence microscope which is equipped with a control unit for CO2 and temperature. Together with its reliable Perfect Focus System (PFS4) this makes it perfect for long-term time lapse experiments with mammalian cells. The LED light source Spectra III has eight lines covering a large excitation range. With the present filter sets 4 dyes can be imaged simultaneously (e.g. Dapi, A488, A568, A647).

Microscope details
General applications

4-colour imaging of fixed and live mammalian cells based on dyes such as Dapi (405) and Alexa (488, 568, 647)

Long-term multi-position time lapse with stable focus

Extra features


Phase contrast objectives

Additional 1.5x magnification lense

Microscope bodyTi2-E inverted, motorized
IlluminationLumencor Spectra III 8-position LED light source with 8 fixed excitation filters (395/25; 438/29; 475/28; 511/16; 555/28; 575/25, 635/22, 748/12)
Filter cubes

DAPI/A350; FITC/A488; TRITC/A546; Cy5/A647

Alternatively single bandpass filters to prevent bleed-through or multi bandpass quad band filter for increased speed

DetectionMono DS-Qi2, monochrome digital camera with "FX" CMOS sensor

20x (long distance objective)

60x (oil)

Focus systemPerfect Focus System PFS4 (offset lense)
IncubatorYes, CO2 and temperature control
SoftwareNIS Elements AR with various plug-ins
Acquisition year2020
LocationDepartment of Nanophysiology
Building 13, Room 103
ContactTanja Maritzen, 0631 205 4908







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