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Epifluorescence Microscope: Zeiss/3i DeltaVision (2007)

The Zeiss/3i DeltaVision is an epifluorescence microscope for the multi-colour imaging of fixed and live mammalian cells. For long-term imaging of living cells it is equipped with a temperature and CO2 controlled incubator.

Microscope details
General applications

Microscopy of fixed and living mammalian cells based on dyes such as

DAPI (405) and Alexa (488, 594, 647)

Extra featuresTransmitted light T-PMT
Microscope body
IlluminationFluorescence illumination
Filter cubes528 nm, 617 nm, 460 nm, 705 nm
DetectionCool Snap HQ2




63x (oil)

100x (oil)

Focus system
IncubatorYes, CO2 and temperature control
Acquisition year2008
LocationDepartment of Molecular Genetics
Building 24, Room 135C
ContactSarah Bernhard, 0631 205 5920







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