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Peer-Reviewed Publications

VIPP1 rods engulf membranes containing phosphatidylinositol phosphates.
Theis J, Gupta T, Klingler J, Wan W, Albert S, Keller S, Engel B, Schroda M.
Sci. Rep. 2019, accepted.

Structural determinants of the interaction between influenza A virus matrix protein M1 and lipid membranes.
Hoefer CT, Di Lella S, Dahmani I, Jungnick N, Bordag N, Bobone S, Huang Q, Keller S, Herrmann A, Chiantia S.
Biochim. Biophys. Acta 2019, 1861, 1123–1134.

Influence of Mg2+ and Ca2+ on nanodisc formation by diisobutylene/maleic acid (DIBMA) copolymer.
Danielczak B, Meister A, Keller S.
Chem. Phys. Lipids 2019, 221, 30–38.

Hydrogenated diglucose detergents for membrane-protein extraction and stabilization.
Guillet P, Mahler F, Garnier K, Nyame Mendendy Boussambe G, Igonet S, Vargas C, Ebel C, Soulié M, Keller S, Jawhari A, Durand G.
Langmuir 2019, 35, 4287–4295.

Carbon's three-center-four-electron tetrel bond, treated experimentally.
Karim A, Schulz N, Andersson H, Nekoueishahraki B, Carlsson AC, Sarabi D, Valkonen A, Rissanen K, Gräfenstein J, Keller S, Erdélyi M.
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2018, 140, 17571–17579.

Collisional lipid exchange among DIBMA-encapsulated nanodiscs (DIBMALPs).
Danielczak B, Keller S.  
Eur. Polym. J. 201810, 206–213.

Conformational dynamics govern the free-energy landscape of a membrane-interacting protein.
Frotscher E, Krainer G, Hartmann A, Schlierf M, Keller S.
ACS Omega 2018, 3, 12026–12032.
ACS Omega

A minimal helical-hairpin motif provides molecular-level insights into misfolding and pharmacological rescue of CFTR.
Krainer G, Treff A, Hartmann A, Stone TA, Schenkel M, Keller S, Deber CM, Schlierf M.
Commun. Biol. 2018, 154, 1–7.
Communications Biology

Rationalizing steroid interactions with lipid membranes: conformations, partitioning, and kinetics.
Atkovska K, Klingler J, Oberwinkler J, Keller S, Hub JS.
ACS Cent. Sci. 20184, 1155–1165.

Aggregation behavior of pHLIP in aqueous solution at low concentrations: a fluorescence study.
Rao BD, Chakraborty H, Keller S, Chattopadhyay A.  
J. Fluoresc. 2018, 28, 967–973.

Lipid membranes and reactions at lipid interfaces: theory, experiments, and applications.
Bondar AN, Keller S.
J. Membr. Biol. 2018, 251, 295–298.

Fluorinated diglucose detergents for membrane-protein extraction.
Boussambe GNM, Guillet P, Mahler F, Marconnet A, Vargas C, Cornut D, Soulié M, Ebel C, Le Roy A, Jawhari A, Bonneté F, Keller S, Durand G.
Methods 2018, 147, 84–94.

Extracavity effect in cyclodextrin/surfactant complexation.
Vargas C, Schönbeck C, Heimann I, Keller S.
Langmuir 201834, 5781–5787.

Dissecting nanosecond dynamics in membrane proteins with dipolar relaxation upon tryptophan photoexcitation. 
Frotscher E, Krainer G, Schlierf M, Keller S.
J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 2018, 9, 2241–2245.

Role of Coulombic repulsion in collisional lipid transfer among SMA(2:1)-bounded nanodiscs. 
Grethen A, Glueck D, Keller S.
J. Membr. Biol. 2018, 251, 443–451.

Formation of lipid-bilayer nanodiscs by diisobutylene/maleic acid (DIBMA) copolymer. 
Oluwole AO, Klingler J, Danielczak B, Babalola JO, Vargas C, Pabst G, Keller S.
Langmuir 2017, 33, 14378–14388.

Ultrafast protein folding in membrane-mimetic environments.
Krainer G, Hartmann A, Anandamurugan A, Gracia P, Keller S, Schlierf M.
J. Mol.
Biol. 2018, 430, 554–564.

Thermodynamics of nanodisc formation mediated by styrene/maleic acid (2:1) copolymer.
Grethen A, Oluwole AO, Danielczak B, Vargas C, Keller S.
Sci. Rep. 2017, 7, 11517.

Structural and molecular comparison of bacterial and eukaryotic trigger factors.
Ries F, Carius Y, Rohr M, Gries K, Keller S, Lancaster CRD, Willmund F.
Sci. Rep. 2017, 7, 10680.

Slow interconversion in a heterogeneous unfolded-state ensemble of outer-membrane phospholipase A.
Krainer G, Gracia P, Frotscher E, Hartmann A, Gröger P, Keller S, Schlierf M.
Biophys. J. 2017, 113, 1280–1289.

Fast collisional lipid transfer among polymer-bounded nanodiscs.
Cuevas Arenas R, Danielczak B, Martel A, Porcar L, Breyton C, Ebel C, Keller S.
Sci. Rep. 2017, 7, 45875.

Real-time visualization of phospholipid degradation by outer membrane phospholipase A using high-speed atomic force microscopy.
Rangl M, Rima L, Klement J, Miyagi A, Keller S, Scheuring S.
J. Mol. Biol. 2017, 429, 977–986.

Model-free analysis of critical micellar concentrations for detecting demixing in surfactant mixtures.
Frotscher E, Höring J, Durand G, Vargas C, Keller S.
Anal. Chem. 2017, 89, 3245–3249.

Solubilization of membrane proteins into functional lipid-bilayer nanodiscs by diisobutylene/maleic acid copolymer.
Oluwole AO, Danielczak B, Meister A, Babalola JO, Vargas C, Keller S.  
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 201756, 1919–1924.

Oxoanion binding to a cyclic pseudopeptide containing 1,4-disubstituted 1,2,3-triazole moieties.
Mungalpara D, Kelm H, Valkonen A, Keller S, Kubik S.
Org. Biomol. Chem. 2016, 15, 102–113.

Influence of lipid bilayer properties on nanodisc formation mediated by styrene/maleic acid copolymers.
Cuevas Arenas R, Klingler J, Vargas C, Keller S.
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Journal of Membrane Biology: Biophysics.
Keller S, Bondar AN, Broecker J, Ladokhin AS, Sinner EK.
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Sparingly fluorinated maltoside-based surfactants for membrane-protein stabilization.
Polidori A, Raynal S, Barret LA, Dahani M, Barrot-Ivolot C, Jungas C, Frotscher E, Keller S, Ebel C, Breyton C, Bonneté F. 
New J. Chem. 2016, 40, 5364–5378.

Integration and global analysis of isothermal titration calorimetry data for studying macromolecular interactions.
Brautigam CA, Zhao H, Vargas C, Keller S, Schuck P.
Nat. Protoc. 201611, 882–894.

Reversible unfolding of rhomboid intramembrane proteases.
Panigrahi R, Arutyunova E, Panwar P, Gimpl K, Keller S, Lemieux MJ.
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Characterising protein/detergent complexes by triple-detection size-exclusion chromatography.
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Calorimetric quantification of cyclodextrin-mediated detergent extraction for membrane-protein reconstitution.
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Nanoparticle self-assembly in mixtures of phospholipids with styrene/maleic acid copolymers or fluorinated surfactants.
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Quantification of millisecond protein-folding dynamics in membrane-mimetic environments by single-molecule FRET spectroscopy.
Hartmann A, Krainer G, Keller S, Schlierf M.
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Multiple multidentate halogen bonding in solution, in the solid state, and in the (calculated) gas phase.
Jungbauer SH, Schindler S, Herdtweck E, Keller S, Huber SM.
Chemistry 2015, 21, 13625–13636.

Structural thermodynamics of myr-Src(2–19) binding to phospholipid membranes.
Scheidt HA, Klingler J, Huster D, Keller S.
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Automated analysis of calorimetric demicellisation titrations.
Textor M, Keller S.
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Modulating bilayer mechanical properties to promote the coupled folding and insertion of an integral membrane protein.
Herrmann M, Danielczak B, Textor M, Klement J, Keller S.
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Chaires JB, Hansen LD, Keller S, Brautigam CA, Zhao H, Schuck P.
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A fluorinated detergent for membrane-protein applications.
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Preparation of ready-to-use small unilamellar phospholipid vesicles by ultrasonication with a beaker resonator.
Klingler J, Vargas C, Fiedler S, Keller S.
Anal. Biochem. 2015, 477, 10–12.

Micellar and biochemical properties of a propyl-ended fluorinated surfactant designed for membrane-protein study.
Abla M, Unger S, Keller S, Bonneté F, Ebel C, Pucci B, Breyton C, Durand G.
J. Colloid Interface Sci. 2015, 445, 127–136.

Calorimetric quantification of linked equilibria in cyclodextrin/lipid/detergent mixtures for membrane-protein reconstitution.
Textor M, Vargas C, Keller S.
Methods 2015, 76, 183–193.

Single-experiment displacement assay for quantifying high-affinity binding by isothermal titration calorimetry.
Krainer G, Keller S.
Methods 2015, 76, 116–123.

Sequence-specific dimerization of a transmembrane helix in amphipol A8-35.
Stangl M, Unger S, Keller S, Schneider D.
PLoS One 20149, e110970.

Mistic's membrane association and its assistance in overexpression of a human GPCR are independent processes.
Marino J, Bordag N, Keller S, Zerbe O.
Protein Sci. 201524, 38–48.

Self-assembly thermodynamics of pH-responsive amino acid-based polymers with a non-ionic surfactant.
Bogomolova AY, Keller S, Klingler J, Sedlak M, Rak D, Sturcova A, Hruby M, Stepanek P, Filippov SK.
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Polar interactions trump hydrophobicity in stabilizing the self-inserting membrane protein Mistic.
Broecker J, Fiedler S, Gimpl K, Keller S.
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Amyloid precursor protein dimerization and synaptogenic function depend on copper binding to the growth factor-like domain.
Baumkötter F, Schmidt N, Vargas C, Schilling S, Weber R, Wagner K, Fiedler S, Klug W, Radzimanowski J, Nickolaus S, Keller S, Eggert S, Wild K, Kins S.
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Analysis of selected and designed chimeric D- and L-α-helix assemblies.
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New and Notable: How membrane partitioning modulates receptor activation: parallel versus serial effects of hydrophobic ligands.
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The mechanism of denaturation and the unfolded state of the α-helical membrane-associated protein Mistic.
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Filter gate closure inhibits ion but not water transport through potassium channels.
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Impact of urea on detergent micelle properties.
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Automated circular dichroism spectroscopy for medium-throughput analysis of protein conformation.
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Quantifying high-affinity binding of hydrophobic ligands by isothermal titration calorimetry.
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Coumarin-based octopamine phototriggers and their effects on an insect octopamine receptor.
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High-precision isothermal titration calorimetry with automated peak-shape analysis.
Keller S, Vargas C, Zhao H, Piszczek G, Brautigam CA, Schuck P.
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Ring A of nukacin ISK-1: a lipid II-binding motif for type-A(II) lantibiotic.
Islam MR, Nishie M, Nagao J, Keller S, Nakayama J, Kohda D, Sahl HG, Sonomoto K.
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Mutations of ventricular essential myosin light chain disturb myosin binding and sarcomeric sorting.
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Characterization of membrane proteins in isolated native cellular membranes by dynamic nuclear polarization solid-state NMR spectroscopy without purification and reconstitution.
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Mia40-dependent oxidation of cysteines in domain I of Ccs1 controls its distribution between mitochondria and the cytosol.
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