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Teaching SS 2019

Reading Class "Plant Acclimation"

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Time: 29.4.-10.5. 2019 

Start of the introduction lecture 9:15 am

Location: Room 22-138

Monday 29.4. Climate change and challenges for crop plants and ecosystems (Willmund), Review, second review for seminars

Tuesday 30.4. Concepts of homeostasis (Mühlhaus), Review, additional information 1, 2, 3, 4

Wednesday 1.5. Holiday

Thursday 2.5. Carbohydrate homeostais (Neuhaus), Review, additional information 1

Friday 3.5. Energy balances during acclimation (Möhlmann), Review, second review for seminars

Monday 6.5. Protein homeostasis (Schroda), Review, second review for seminars

Tuesday 7.5. Transcript regulation (Willmund), Review, second review for seminars

Wednesday 8.5. Cellular Biology and acclimation (Scheuring), Review and additional information. Review for seminars 1 

Thursday 9.5. Seminar talks:

Friday 9.5. Seminar talks:

Exam from last year


Ringvorlesung "Modern Methods in Biology Part II"

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Time: Tue. 5:15 - 6:45 pm in 13/222

Summer semester 2019, Tuesday, 5:15 - 6:45 pm, room 13-222


Date                Lecturer                                  Topic

16.04.2019:  Jonathan Stephan "Methods in electrophysiology"

23.04.2019: Stefan Kins "Techniques for generation of transgenic animals"

30.04.2019:  Eckhard Friauf "Methods for studying functional aspects on membrane proteins"

07.05.2019: Jan Pielage "Super-resolution microscopy"

14.05.2019: Nicole Frankenberg-Dinkel "Synthetic (micro)biology"

21.05.2019:  Zuzana Storchova "Next generation sequencing and modern genetic methods"

28.05.2019:  Thorsten Stoeck "Microbial diversity I: From genes to organisms" 

04.06.2019:  Sabine Filker "Microbial diversity II: From genes to functions"

11.06.2019:  Gerhard Erkel "Anti-Cancer Drug Screening"

18.06.2019:  Frederick Sommer "An introduction to mass spectrometry"

25.06.2018:  Timo Mühlhaus "Weighted Correlation Network Analysis" 

02.07.2019:  Michelle Gehringer "Viruses: their detection and application in the modern molecular laboratory"


Main exam: 19.7.19 14:00-15:30 in room 24-102

Re-Sit: 24.9.19 9-10:30 in 13-305


Teaching WS 2018/19

Ringvorlesung "Modern Methods in Biology I"

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Theoretical Module 5 of Master Biology

Winter semester 2018/19, Thursday, 3:30 - 5:00 pm, room 46-110

Topics: Molecular and Cellular Biology 

Date                Lecturer                             Topic 

25.10.2018     Johannes Herrmann      Basic laboratory practices and equipment 

8.11.2018       Susanne Zehner            Modern microbiology techniques 

15.11.2018     Felix Willmund               Molecular Biology: Modern cloning approaches 

22.11.2018     Ilka Haferkamp              Protein enrichment and purification approaches 

29.11.2018     Michael Schroda           Protein-protein interactions

6.12.2018       Torsten Möhlmann        Analysis of protein function and enzyme kinetics. 

13.12.2018     Markus Räschle            Modern methods in structural biology          

3.1.2018         David Scheuring            An introduction to fluorescence microscopy 

10.1.2019       Jan Hirtz                        Neuronal activity imaging and optogenetics 

17.1.2019       Sandro Keller                Uses and applications of detergents in biology

24.1.2019       Matthias Hahn               Gene expression analysis / mutagenesis tools  

31.1.2019       no lecture

Main exam:    7.2.19        3:30-5pm, room 46-110

Resit exam:   14.3.19       9-10:30am, room 24-102

Genetik Grundvorlesung (in German only)

Termine: Mo. 10:00 - 11:30 in 46/110 und Dienstags 17:15 - 18:45 Uhr in 46-215
ab dem 23.10.2018 (Genetik I: 12 Termine, Genetik II 7 Termine)

Meine Vorlesungen dieses Jahr:

6.11.18: Gentechnik I-II

12.11.18: Gentechnik II-IV


Die Folien zu der Vorlesung können auf der Homepage von Prof. Collum und Prof. Storchová eingesehen werden (passwortgeschützter Zugang).

Lecture & Reading Course - Genetics, Genomics and Epigenetics

Week 1 and Week 2 in WS 18/19 (kein regulärer Termin)

Advanced Practical Molecular Biotechnology I

Seminar "Systems Biology"

Advanced Practical Course (Master) Molecular Genetics of Eukaryotes

I am offering pairwise practical courses (VP level) in my lab. If you are interested please send an email to willmund@bio...

Starting date: flexible

Duration: 3-4 weeks, whole day

Topic: Subproject within ongoing research projects

Requirement: Enrolled to Master "MPBiotec"

Selection: Depending on demant, short meetings