Fachgebiet Molekulare Genetik

Genetics (Module "GM 4")

BIO-GEN-01-V-2 (Winter Term)

Inhalt: Molekulare Biologie und Genetik, klassische Genetik, Anwendung der Genetik

Beginn: 27.10.2021, 17:00 Uhr Digital, Zoom link

Die Vorlesung findet als Hybridveranstaltung statt. Präsenzveranstaltung ist immer montags in der Zeit von 10:00-11:30 Uhr in Raum 46-110. Mittwochs findet eine digitale Vorlesung statt. Die Präsenz in der Vorlesung ist ein Angebot und nicht verpflichtend. Es gibt auch alle Videos zum Anschauen in OpenOlat, sowie auch die PowerPoint Folien.

Bemerkungen: Anmeldung über KIS erforderlich.

B.Sc. Biology, M.Ed. Biology,  B.Sc. Biophysics, M.Sc. Toxicology

TM-2 Instructions for independent scientific work - Molecular Genetics (Seminar)

BIO-MGE-03-S-4 (Winter Term)

BIO-MGE-03-S-4 (Summer Term)

Please contact Professor Storchova for an appointment.

B.Sc. Biology

Effective Scientific Presentation in English (ESPE)(Seminar) - Registration Mandatory!

BIO-MGE-04-S-6 (Summer Term)

The seminars will be on Friday mornings, starting at 9 am, with some exceptions.
Room: 24 -102


Paper 1
Paper 2
Paper 3

Poster 2022

Writing Abstract


Master/Major Eco; Master/Major MP Biotec; Master/Major MCB; Master/Major Neuro; Master/Major Ecol. & Mic. Biodiv.


Warmup Meeting (Seminar)

BIO-ZBI-11-S-7 (Winter Term)

Wednesday, October 20, 2021 in 13-347, 9:00-14:00

Master/Major MCB


TM 1-4: Lecture & Reading Course: Cellular Biochemistry - Registration mandatory!

BIO-ZBI-02-W-7 (Summer Term)

Master Molecular Cell Biology, Diplom Biophysik

The next course in Summer Term 2022 will take place as follows:

Week 3 (May 9th, 2022 till May 13th, 2022)
Dr. Markus Räschle: Cell Signaling and DNA Repair

Week 4 (May 16th, 2022 till May 20th, 2022)
Prof. Dr. Johannes Herrmann: Molecular Biology of Viruses

For further information click here!

Main exam: tba

Retake exam: tba

via E-Mail: Simone Adkins


Group meeting Molecular Genetics (Colloquium)

BIO-MGE-02-S-4 (Winter Term)

BIO-MGE-02-S-4 (Summer Term)

Tuesday 10:00 - 11:30, Room: 24-113


Modern Methods in Biology (Lecture)

BIO-ZBI-13-V-5 (Winter Term)

BIO-BIO-04-V-5 (Summer Term)

Modern Methods in Structural Biology (Markus Räschle)

Theoretical Module 5 of Master Biology
WS 2020/21, Thursday 4-5:30pm

25.11.2021 - Markus Räschle
X-Ray and Cryo-EM Structure Analysis
Lottspeich chapter 21

During the meeting questions to the Book chapter and presentation can be discussed.

Written Exam: 09.02.2022
Resit Exam:      31.03.2022

Master/Major Eco, MP Biotec, MCB and Neuro
Master Microbial & Plant Biotech
Master Mol. Cell Bio & Neuro

TM 1-4: Lecture & Reading Course - Genetics, Genomics and EpigeneticsRegistration mandatory!

BIO-MGE-01-W-7 (Winter Term)

Block course, full time, daily seminars.

Course content: Advanced molecular genetics of eukaryotes

Start: Monday, November 8th, till November 19th, 2021, 1pm in room 13/347

Additioinal Information: Participants will be informed by email

Remarks: All students outside of MCB master program that are interested to participate should contact Prof. Dr. Storchová  by email directly.

Master/Major MCB; Master Microbial & Plant Biotech


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