Fachgebiet Molekulare Genetik

Basic Practical Course in Genetics - Registration mandatory!

BIO-GEN-05-L-2 (Winter Term)

Inhalt: Einführung in molekulargentische Arbeitstechniken

Beginn: The Genetic part takes place from February 28th till March 4th 2022. You will find further details of the course program in November 2021.

Zusätzliche Informationen: Teilnahme verpflichtend.

Remarks: Registration via KIS mandatory.

B.Sc. Biology, M.Ed. Biology LAG, LA Real+, BBS
B.Sc. Biophysics


Molecular Genetics 1 (Aufbaupraktikum)

BIO-MGE-06-L-4 (Summer-Term)

BIO-MGE-06-L-4 (Winter Term)

Start: January 17th, 2022 till February 4th, 2021, in the department of molecular genetics, Building 24.

Preliminary meeting: January 11th, 2022 at 13:00 via Zoom. The link will be emailed to the participants.

Remarks: The registration for the practical already ended.

Biological safety rules
Safety measures - coronavirus

Introduction 1
Introduction 2

B.Sc. Biologie/Biowissenschaften, M.Ed. Biologie, M.Ed./Diplom Biophysik

VM-1: Molecular Genetics II (Advanced Practical Course). Registration mandatory!

BIO-MGE-01-L-7 (Winter Term)

Course Content: Experiments concerning maintenance of genome stability in eukaryotic cells

Start: Second week of January 2022

Remarks: Preliminary meeting takes place on Friday, December 3rd, 2021 at 1pm via zoom (the link will be sent to participants via email).

Master/Major MPBiotec
Master/Major MCB


Research Module - Molecular Genetics (Practical Course)

BIO-MGE-05-L-7 (Winter Term)

BIO-MGE-05-L-7 (Summer Term)

Date: Please contact Professor Storchova for an appointment.Audience:

VM-2: Molecular Genetics (Advanced Practical Course). Registration mandatory!

BIO-MGE-10-L-7 (Summer Term)

Large data set analysis and visualization in cell biology.

The course will take place in summer semester 2021, preliminary from May 31 till July 9th

Master/Major MPBiotec
Master/Major MCB

VM-2: Large data set analysis and visualisation in biology (Advanced Practical Course). Registration mandatory!

BIO-MGE-9-L-7 (Summer Term)

Large data set analysis and visualization in biology.

The course will take place in 3rd third of summer semester 2021.

Master/Major MCB

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