Fachgebiet Pflanzenphysiologie

Plant pathogen interaction

Responsible scientists: E. Neuhaus


The successful defense of plants against pathogenic organisms depend upon activation of a large battery of PR proteins and synthesis of compounds toxic to the invaders. We discovered that potato plants with reduced levels of plastidic ATP/ADP transporter activity in tubers exhibit severely increased capability to cope with pathogenic bacteria like Erwinia carotovora (Linke et al. 2002) or fungi like Alternaria solani (Conrath et al., 2003). Similarly, Arabidopsis mutants lacking the plastidic ATP/ADP-transporter exhibit increased resistance against fungal pathogens (unpublished). To identify the exact molecular mechanism occurring in these potato mutants is subject of our research.

In addition, we are interested in deciphering the function of transport proteins in plant pathogenic bacteria. For this, we construct E. carotovora knock out mutants lacking individual transport proteins known to become expressed during infection of plants, and quantify changes in virulence.

Increased resistance against Erwinia bacteria of antisense tubers exhibiting reduced activitiy of the plastidic ATP/ADP transporter

Increased resistance against Phytophtora of antisense tubers exhibiting reduced activitiy of the plastidic ATP/ADP transporter

Publications on this subject:

Linke C, Conrath U, Jeblick W, Betsche T, Mahn A, Düring K, Neuhaus HE (2002) Inhibition of the plastidic ATP/ADP-transporter protein primes potato tubers for augmented elicitation of defense responses and enhances their resistance against Erwinia carotovora. Plant Physiol 129: 1607-1615

Conrath U, Linke C, Jeblick W, Geigenberger P, Quick WP, Neuhaus HE (2003) Enhanced resistance to Phythophthora infestans and Alternaria solani in leaves and tubers, respectively, of potato plants with decreased activity of the plastidic ATP/ADP transporter. Planta 19: 75-83



Prof. Thomas Betsche

Bundesforschungsanstalt für Ernährung und Lebensmittel, Institut für Biochemie von Getreide und Kartoffeln, Detmold


Prof. Uwe Conrath
Institut für Pflanzenphysiologie, Abteilung Biochemie der Pflanzen


Funding: DFG

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