Fachbereich Biologie

In the program, between the following specializations can be chosen:

Microbial and Plant Biotechnology (MPBiotec)

Ecology (Eco)

Neurobiology (Neuro)

Molecular Cell Biology (MCB)

The program provides a deepened, scientifically based education with a high proportion of practical courses. Being connected to the research activities of the groups in the Faculty of Biology, the courses provide a state-of-the-art education.

Master Biology - Basic Data

During the 2-years Master Biology Program, 120 credit points in 12 modules have to be achieved, consisting of six seminar and lecture courses, three advanced practicals, several courses of choice including interdisciplinary topics and soft skills, followed by a research practical and the Master Thesis.

While differing in their contents, the four specialisations follow the same general study plan, as shown to the right. Further details are provided in the Compendium of Modules


The Start of the Master Program Biology is either Winter or Summer semester. However, a start in Winter semester is recommended!








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