Fachgebiet Zellbiologie

Sandra Backes



Curriculum Vitae

2011-2014 Bachelor of Science at the TU Kaiserslautern

2014 Bachelor thesis in the lab of Johannes Herrmann

2015-2017 Master of Cell/Neurobiology at the TU Kaiserslautern

2017 Master thesis in the lab of Johannes Herrmann

Since 2017 PhD student at the department of cell biology




  • Backes S, Garg SG, Becker L, Peleh V, Glockshuber R, Gould SB, Herrmann JM. (2019). Development of the Mitochondrial Intermembrane Space Disulfide Relay Represents a Critical Step in Eukaryotic Evolution. Mol Biol Evol. 36, 742-756.
  • Odendall F, Backes S, Tatsuta T, Weill U, Schuldiner M, Langer T, Herrmann JM, Rapaport D, Dimmer KS. (2019). The mitochondrial intermembrane space-facing proteins Mcp2 and Tgl2 are involved in yeast lipid metabolism. Mol Biol Cell. 30, 2681-2694. 
  • Backes S, Hess S, Boos F, Woellhaf MW, Gödel S, Jung M, Mühlhaus T, Herrmann JM. (2018). Tom70 enhances mitochondrial preprotein import efficiency by binding to internal targeting sequences. J Cell Biol. 217, 1369-82.
  • Backes S., Herrmann JM. (2017). Protein Translocation into the Intermembrane Space and Matrix of Mitochondria: Mechanisms and Driving Forces. Front Mol Biosci. 7;4:83
  • Peleh V., Zannini F., Backes S., Rouhier N. and Herrmann JM. (2017). Erv1 of Arabidopsis thaliana can directly oxidize mitochondrial intermembrane space proteins in the absence of redox-active Mia40. BMC Biol. 8;15(1):106
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