Fachgebiet Pflanzenphysiologie

Lecture Plant Biotechnology

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General Information about Lecture, Reading Course and Exams 


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Reading Course Plant Biotechnology

This reading course comprises nine topics related to plant physiology and aims to connect the lecture to basic scientific literature, which you will more and more encounter as you progress further through your curriculum. After reading and integrating your knowledge from the lecture you should be able to answer the questions attached to each topic. Some of these questions are meant more like thought-provoking impulses, so don’t hesitate to hypothesize and think around the box. Please sent brief and concise answers to these questions to pflaphys@rhrk.uni-kl.de until 5 pm of the date indicated in the schedule below. Some courses have an extra intro with additional knowledge provided.


Topics and schedule of Reading Course

1 - Anthocyanin /Blood oranges (14.04.2020)
Butelli et al., Plant Cell (2012)Functional Food, novel food products with better health properties
Questions 1

2 - Golden Rice (15.04.2020)
Potrykus, Ann. Rev. Plant Biol. (2015)
Questions 2

3 - Cytokinin (16.04.2020)
Durán-Medina et al., Front Plant Sci. (2017)
Questions 3  

4 - SWEET sugar transporters (17.04.2020)
Eom et al., Curr. Opin. Plant Biol. (2015) Introduction and background to papers 4-6
Questions 4

5 - Potato tuberization and regulation of SWEETs (20.04.2020) 


Questions 5

6 - Sugar transport and plant pathogens (21.04.2020)

Literature 6

Questions 6

7 - Starch degradation for drought tolerance (22.04.2020)

Literature 7

Questions 7

8 – Phosphate (23.04.2020)

Intro phosphate

Literature 8

Questions 8

9 – Plant nutrition (24.04.2020)

Intro Plant nutrition

Literature 9

Questions 9



Vorlesung Pflanzenphysiologie / Phytopathologie

Rundmail der Hochschulleitung: „Alle bis zum Vorlesungsbeginn terminierten schriftlichen, mündlichen, praktischen und alle weiteren Prüfungsformate im Präsenzstudium werden verschoben. Die Ankündigung der neuen Prüfungstermine erfolgt mindestens zwei Wochen im Voraus.“

Mittwoch 08:15 - 09:45, Room 24-102

Donnerstag 12:45 - 14:15, Room 22-102

Freitag 11:45 - 12:30, Room 22-102

B.Sc. Biology, M.Ed. Biology,  B.Sc. Biophysics

Vorlesungsunterlagen (Teil Neuhaus):



Aufzeichnung der Vorlesung

Tutorium zur Vorlesung Pflanzenphysiologie / Phytopathologie


Das Tutorium findet nach vorheriger Absprache statt, Termine werden im KIS veröffentlicht. 

Instructions for independent scientific work - Plant Physiology (Seminar)

BIO-PPH-07-S-4 (Winter Term)

BIO-PPH-07-S-4 (Summer Term)

B.Sc. Biology

Warmup Meeting (Seminar)


Date: see link above


Master MCB

Seminars IRTG 1830


Date: Tuesday 17:15 - 18:45

Audience: trainee of IRTG 1830



TM 1-4: Lecture & Reading Course - Plant Biotechnology Registration mandatory!


Date:15-26.04.2019, 10:00, Room: 22-138

Audience: Master MCB

in preparation

Modern Methods in Biology (Lecture)


Thursday 15:30 - 17:00, Room: 46-110
from 25.10.2018 (13 Lectures)


Master MCB

Group meeting Plant Physiology (Colloquium)


Monday 08:30 - 10:00, Room: 22-147


TM 1-4: Lecture & Reading Course - Plant Acclimation (SFB) Registration mandatory!


Date: 29.04.-10.05.2019, 10:00, Room: 22-138

Audience: Master MCB


in preparation

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